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Still confused as to the usage and meaning of the word 'condone' ?

what does it mean to say 'I do not condone that behavior' ?

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    approve and accept.  Accept is one thing, and approve is another. to condone, you must both accept and approve.  Approve means agreement with the act, accept means that you allow the act whether or not you actually like it or agree with it. To condone, you have to both accept it, and like it.  So, if you do not condone, it could mean either that you do not accept it, or you do not like it, but it usually means that you do not like it and you do not accept it either.

    I do not condone=I do not accept and I do not like.

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    there are plenty of online dictionaries -- search

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    I cannot not support or agree with what you did. Often it is used as a face-saving gesture within the context of the person judging you reluctantly moving on.

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    Using a condone prevents pregnancy. 

    Don’t you know how to use a dictionary?

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