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I'm a 21 year old and want to make changes to my life, but feel burned out. Could my body and mind still develop and change at 21?

So, I'm a 21 year old guy and I know 21 is still young but my mind and body do not feel as fresh as they did when I was 17-18, in fact, considerably less so. When I was 17 I was very optimistic about my future, but after 19 I began to have increasingly existential thoughts, and I'm worried that at 21 it might be too late to put my life on track. Does the brain and body still develop after you hit 20; more importantly, could I ever feel that same sense of optimism that I had towards life back when I was 18? ?

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    Renew your mind with a Brain Change.

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    You are an adult at 21 years but your brain is not fully developed until you reach 25 years old. 

    The only thing you can change is your attitude towards life and make an effort to learn from your mistakes.

    You are still a young adult who has yet to experience many things in life. Focus on your main goals and improve yourself. 

    I suggest that you follow good role models in society and educate yourself because there are no manuals in life. 

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    Dendrite growth in male brains peck in the mid 30s. It's how you remember things. The body also keeps going for some time. Like think of pro football players.

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    Humans keep growing until 25 years of age

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    Yes to both. The environment you choose will raise or diminish your optimism. If you continue to research and learn, then your mind remains sharp.

    Due to the times we live in, it's not surprising that you are uncertain of the future and you would be right. We are at a cross roads. We need to choose between a good or a bad future.  It all depends on each of us.

    The bad future will come upon us with a vengeance if we continue to live unsustainably  and continue to exploit and hate each other, locally and globally.

    The good future will unfold if we can connect above our differences, locally and globally.

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    Your brain is constantly evolving.

    If you feel burned out, then what you need is a change to get you out of the rut.

    Take a holiday to somewhere different that will stimulate your mind and body. It doesn't have to be expensive, just camping or an inexpensive bush hut is often sufficient.

    If that's not so appealing then perhaps take up a new hobby, meet more like minded people, join a course, get a new job or perhaps even move to a completely fresh location and turn your life around.

    Be sensible though. Any change to your life has to be affordable.

    Well planned is a good idea. Taking big risks can seem fun and exciting, but usually turns out badly, so make the alterations to your new life viable.

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    I’m also a 21 year old guy and in a similar predicament. I think perhaps you matured sort of late and the “adult world” and all it’s responsibilities hit you all at once as opposed to gradually. Did you have an unstable childhood? You may have not learned the same as others. I know I didn’t. 

    Just relax and think of how many other people round your age are in the same situation. It’s harder for many of us and there’s people older than you who still have no clue.

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