Are some races generally more competitive, pushy and self centered than others?

I belong to this online hobby club.  I have a lot of friends there that I chat with about our hobby and life in general.  Most of us are members of one of two races.  We are generally very open to 2 way conversation and we do not try to make ourselves look better than anyone.  2 of my buddies belong to a third race.  These two guys are always bragging, ignoring or dismissing the achievements of the rest of us, showing off their wealth and making self-aggrandizing statements.  Is this a racial thing that certain cultures have?


@Jimmy almost everyone in the group is from the same country.

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  • Zirp
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    4 weeks ago

    There are no races of humans

    Source(s): post-WW2 science
  • 4 weeks ago

    It is cultural, not racial. It depends what country the person came from. Skin colour makes no difference. It is the culture. 

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