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How long should I wait to test? I have a first response one on hand .?

This month I had a lot of unprotected sex,after my period which started Oct 6 ended the 10th . My husband and I had sex one day and he pulled out and came by my vagina which I think some got in we did that twice on different days . Just a few days ago we had sex and he stayed in me and that following morning we had sex and finished in me ,but he went pick me up plan b pill.Will it still work ? Almost forgot to mention about what happened tonight the damn condom slipped off and got stuck in me and there was *** in the area .My expected period is in 5 days what’s my chances of a pregnancy 😬😬.I do have PCOS and taking metformin (I heard about some women who take this medicine and get pregnant from it )

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    Plan b has some limited  effectiveness up to five days post-sex, although the sooner you can take it the better it works.

    You test for pregnancy at  the earliest two weeks after sex, or whenever you miss your period.  If you take Plan B this may throw your cycle off a bit but you should test for pregnancy three weeks after taking it if you don't have a normal period by then.

    PCOS is not by any means a guarantee you will not become pregnant, especially in a woman with what sounds like fairly regular menstrual cycling.

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