How to make sentences flow in my body paragraphs . Also , Teachers tell me that I go down rabbit trails . And it isn’t relevant ?

Sometimes I don’t know much to say have much thoughts on it . I don’t want to drag it but I don’t know what to do without . People always tell me in my school that they are able to breeze through them 20 page essays and I just don’t know how 

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  • 1 month ago

    This is sort of like learning to play the piano. You get better through practice. 

    The main issue is a lack of proper organization of your thoughts before you begin writing.  This lack of keeping to the plan is how you end up going down the proverbial rabbit-holes.  When you have a plan, and a structure to the presentation in mind before you even write down the first word, you will be aware when you migrate off the path.  The sentence might be a good one, but it is in the wrong place.  just move it to later, where it will fit better.

    Can't keep to a plan unless you have one, though, so you need a pretty concrete plan in mind before you start.  Otherwise, you wander as you look for the way to where you are trying to go.  Think of that route BEFORE you start, not in the middle of the trip.  Know the road you want to go down before you take that first step.

    Then the writing becomes relatively easy.  You just have to find the best words to explain or describe or relate what you have to do at each point on the road. that is actually the difficult part for most of us, finding the right words to keep on the path and not mislead or confuse. But we had a path in mind before we ever started, or we would not have started.

    Some people come by that naturally (it is how their brains work) and some people have to work at it to make it happen.  Basically train themselves.  Everyone is a bit different in how well they deal with this sort of thing.

    In practice, it is not rare to look over something that you just wrote, and see that it does not follow a road very well, and end up moving sentences or paragraphs around to make the ideas flow into each other better.

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    1 month ago

    Just put more details in your writing. To pad it out. Like if you were writing about A woman who is wearing a dress you could go into details about what color the dress was,  what kind of fabric,  if it had any designs on it, whether the sunlight shined through it and you could see the outline of her body underneath while she walked, and so on. Detail, detail, detail. You’d be surprised how much you can stretch it out with detail. Nobody could accuse you of going down rabbit trails either if you do that

  • 1 month ago

    I think blank gave you an excellent answer.  Readers like to be taken on a structured journey. If the ideas which you are describing are complex you can use words like 'generally' or 'except in the case of' to help keep the paragraphs short.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Teachers tell you that you go down rabbit HOLES, meaning you go off on tangents.

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  • blank
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    1 month ago

    Start writing your essays by doing a brief outline of what you want to say.... your first paragraph should start with general / neutral statements and narrow to your essay's thesis statement. 

    Then the body of your essay should be all your supporting points.  Typically one paragraph or two per supporting or proof statement with explanation.   These would come from your outline - each bullit point on the outline is a supporting statement of proof.

    The last paragraph restates your thesis (do not copy/paste, restate in other words) and then get more general toward the end.

    The more you practice this method, the better you will get and soon you will be able to outline in your head.

    Good luck, how this helps.

    Oh... and about what the teachers are saying:  they are telling you to stay on topic.  IF you are arguing the effectiveness of TSA security, you can probably leave out comments about how fashionable (or not) their uniforms are.  Unless you have very specific examples about how their dress adds to or detracts from their effectiveness - leave such things out.

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