Should I go Steady and Predictable or Down the Route of Risk?

Hello, I am a recent graduate, due to the virus the job I have lined up immediately after will start in March (about 4 months after I graduate). Even better my husband will be able to come with me and we will be able to work together. Together we will be making about 190k and full benefits and more. The opportunity is working with a tax software company, which is where we are beginning to question our future.

We aren't sure whether it would be beneficial to work at a government tax company where we are guaranteed, basically forever, and the company has shown remarkable resiliency to market flux and the current pandemic. The company however provides little in the realm of providing additional marketable skills beyond those used in the company, so we have been thinking that by taking the job we will be stuck in it.

The company pay is amazing and even pays for relocation and housing in certain locations (like San Francisco). We aren't sure whether it would be worth it to surrender our future careers at this company. The company requires some over time, but the over time is compensated well. My husband is uncertain whether it would be better to immediately make a bunch of money or if it is better to build our careers at a lower paying job, with less benefits, or if one of us should find a job at a startup or something where it is more likely to get more marketable skills, and the other take this job and provide stability while the other advances. Which path should we go?

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  • CB
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    1 month ago

    Take the job - a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush - you are NOT required to stay at the current job forever, you are not required to stagnate either, get an MBA, PHD, you will have the money and likely have the time, then the jobs (even withing the company) will be looking more closely at you both. Learn new 'stuff' on your own, if your job requires certification start piling those up. If you want to try getting into a start-up then start looking but TAKE THE JOB offer you can always pull it. Sounds like you don't have a lot of experience so the secure job will certainly help build your resume even if just for a year or so - YOU are the only one that is looking out for you - never feel bad about accepting an offer then rescinding if something more palatable comes along. YOU are replaceable and soon as any company starts seeing down turns or get purchased you may see the street sooner than expected - so always keep and eye out for YOU.

  • 1 month ago

    You want us to believe this?

    A "government tax company" unless that's the IRS or the state's revenue department, there is no such thing.

    == but those are agencies and not companies and do not have any market flux, so your story sounds completely bogus. 

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