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Usually I am here seeking help in learning different things but today I want an advice regarding something else.?

So I have been having a hard time mentally over the past few months since this one guy friend from uni I grew attached to fell off the grid and pulled apart. The friend to always cheer me on and check up on me; hasn't knocked me in months. I did previously but when I felt that he is replying in merely a few words I stopped checking up on him because I felt shitty. And there that was the end of our so called friendship. His attitude towards me changed and he is a different person now. I have really struggled to erase him from my memory and focus on my life, but man it has been 7 months since we last spoke and I still haven't been able to overcome those thoughts. I don't understand why it is taking so long since I have lost friends before also but this time around it is taking for ever for me to move on. I am the kind to keep things within myself and not really rant but it just feels frustrating at times. If anyone has any advice for me I would be happy, TIA

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    ASK GOD FOR GUIDANCE AND STRENGTH...I hope u find someone better..

  • CB
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    I am an old fart so give that some thought - what I have found over the years is that you make and lose touch with 'friends' many times for many reasons and only a very few really stick.  It is a cyclic trend.  The friends that remain understand that communications work both ways, one sided friendships never work out. The more permanent friends don't ever want anything, money, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, they like you for some intangible reason and you like them back similarly. 

    Bottom line - you have made and lost a friend, there will be others, certainly you can reach out and try to strike up the friendship, but remember it needs to be a two way street. Oh yeah, and some friends I don't talk to for many months at a time but when we do catch up it is right where it left off.  Good luck, don't fret too much your life adventure is just starting......

  • d j
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    1 month ago

    You need to give him another chance.

    If he is important to you and you want this friendship to continue, then be a friend first. Act normal around him.

    Try not to expect anything from him in return.

    Your mind will be at peace that you did the right thing and didn't act selfishly.

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