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Can I use pepper spray on a creep if he wouldn’t leave me alone?

This happened on a train going home. He tried getting my name and number. I lied about my age and told him I have a girlfriend. He still tried hitting on me. I sternly asked him to leave me be and it didn’t work. There wasn’t anyone around and no police on board either. Would I have a right to use pepper spray on someone like that if they wouldn’t leave me alone


He did follow me when I tried moving 

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    Only putting hands on you or forcing you physically isn't harrasing. Following you when you clearly said Don't and getting in your way specially when no body is around then it's called harrasing too.

    Harrasing is not just physical but mentally too.  So if someone keep following you then you CAN LEGALLY SPRAY pepper on him.

    Following girls and forcing them to talk isn't something that normal human would do.he is sick and if you wait until he actually put hands on u then it could be too late. He could SUDDENLY grab your hand so you won't get a chance to use sprey

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    Why do you describe him as a creep? 

    If we didn't hit on women relationships would never be formed.  Women rarely make the first move so it's on us to do it so why does that earn a "creep" title out of interest?  It's normal although once you say you're not interested he should leave you alone, that I do agree on.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    He would deserve it. let him have it.

  • Robert
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    4 weeks ago

    Not if they were just talking even if they were annoying.  If they put a hand on you though you have a right to defend yourself.  There are places that have regulations about pepper spray but if I felt I were in danger, and to me it means anyone puts their hands on me without permission, I'd consider it an attack and if they didn't respond to verbal commands, I would stop the attack.  

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Why would you tell him that you’re a lesbian. That’s only going to get him to try even harder. If you’re a female and you don’t want guys hitting on you, just say that you’re married or you have a boyfriend. That should turn him away most of the time. 

  • Susie
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    4 weeks ago

    Only if they threatened you with or used physical force.  You can’t use pepper spray just because someone talks to you or won’t walk away in a public area.  

  • James
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    4 weeks ago

    Not if he's just talking to you. I suggest moving away from him. Don't let him into your personal space. If he follows you and does get into your personal space as you are moving away then give him the hot sauce!

  • Lv 4
    4 weeks ago

    Yeah why not. that's what pepper spray are for

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