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Why do people skimp on their own education? It only hurts them in the end?

Such as the people who drop out of high school or people who cheat on everything, or people who make no effort at all to become smarter and learn new things. We live in a knowledge based economy nowadays, so the more you cheat yourself, the more you end up losing in the end

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    I was the 'class clown'. While being 'funny', the teacher taught me nothing - how could they when I kept interrupting them? The head of the dept read me the riot act and I was taken to the principals office for the same reason. But I didn't stop. As I matured, I realised what I had done. Not only did I screw up my own education - but my classmates weren't getting theirs either! So busy reading me the riot act - no one pointed that out to me. I firmly believe I would have stopped if someone had told me how much I was missing - but how selfish I was with my classmates. The plus side? I raised MY kids by drumming into them to not disrupt the class and pointed out how selfish it was. I told them if a teacher 'singled them out' to give them a hard time, to tell me and I would sort them out. BUT - if I got called in because they were playing up, all hell would break loose! It worked. Not only did my kids behave, but they stood up to the class clown as well! In answer to your question? People skimp on their education because no one has told them how important it is - these are kids. Kids don't know any better - we're supposed to teach them! BTW - there are kids that struggle with certain subjects (Mine was algebra), maybe they're sick of being ignored by a person who clearly has no teaching skills and they just give up?

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    Education past the 5th (usa) grade is unnecessary.

    Education is supposed to fast track knowledge, to save time by not requiring the person to actually experience.

    Higher Education is a RACIST theme.

    No One NEEDS college. Most all REAL Jobs can be performed by anyone  with little instruction.The need for college is Racist driven.Back when the Equal Opportunity Laws were passed, the only way a Racist employer could keep "them" out was to develop educational requirements.Since few in those days held High School Diplomas, the rule became a requirement. When too many started graduating or getting GED, they boosted the *need* to College,

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    People do this to benefit themselves in the short run. I'm in 11th grade and I have to say, I don't blame people for dropping out. It's hard work and extremely draining. But I'm smart enough to know that a short term relief will cause consequences for the rest of my life. I want to be a surgeon so school is the most important thing to me right now. If I dropped out, my hopes and dreams would go down the drain. A lot of people, especially teenagers, don't consider the long term consequences of cheating or dropping out. They just want relief right now and don't consider the effects.

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    By theory. In real life, it's who you know, not what you know.

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    ask them not us.....

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