“Trump, after one call with a foreign leader provided a gift to Russia, Iran, and ISIS.”?

Security experts on the region and former U.S. officials are calling the decision harmful and a gift to America’s adversaries, while some members of the Kurdish forces on the ground in Syria are calling it betrayal.    

 McGurk resigned from his position in December after Trump’s shock announcement that the U.S. would withdraw all its forces from Syria, a move that meant abandoning U.S.-allied Kurdish troops who proved vital in the defeat of the so-called Islamic State’s caliphate.


?  The U.S. & the Kurds had northern Syria free from the Caliphate. Erdogran wanted a strip of Syria land, Trump complied,what we didn't know that Russia was behind this egregious invasion, After driving the Kurds out of their home, Erdogran got his small strip of border, & Russia took the whole N.E. corner of the country. This why 489 Generals, Admirals & high ranking military publicly, announced their support for Biden as Trump is a threat to National Security.

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    That was to help Russia gain ground and take the area. ISIS benefitted because the kurds had been holding a lot of ISIS prisoners who escaped as the kurds were bombed . 

    Trump was helping his friend Putin. 

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    @garry..Kurdish allies of the U.S. say President Trump's decision to pull troops from the Syria-Turkey border is "shocking" and deflating — and they warn that the U.S. is duplicating a mistake it made in Iraq, where it has ceded partial control to Iran.

    Within hours of the announcement from the White House late Sunday, local Kurdish forces on the ground confirmed to NPR that U.S. soldiers began leaving bases in Tel Abyad and Ras al Ayn, in Syria near the Syria-Turkey border.

    The Syrian Democratic Forces — the blanket group that emerged four years ago, led by the Kurdish YPG as a trusted ally of the U.S. — reacted with deep dismay, saying it had hoped the U.S. "would fulfill its obligations to mediate a political solution from all sides to stop war."

    Instead of brokering that deal, the group said, the U.S. is abruptly withdrawing. And it warned that the move will cause a new ethnic war to break out

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    putin is blackmailing trump with a video of him in the moscow ritz carlton with two MALE golden shower hookers .

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    Trump is a good businessman, selling is in his basic instinct. Furthermore, Trump is always blaming on China about the coronavirus; but he had shut down the border against Chinese. There is no way for China to infect them. In addition, the DNA has showed that the virus in U.S. should be originated in U.S. Perhaps, Trump is intending to GIVE U.S. to China.

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    Where is the question? I can only see a statement. 

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    you have got the proof havent you , not just what you read in tabloids do you , am sure you can take the proof to the papers , unless you have no proof  ..

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    Security experts on the region


    That is the correct wording.

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    Why do so many leftists in the U.S love to bang on and on about Russia, even though then didn't just help destroy millions of businesses through a global pandemic and that's not to mention stealing millions of factory jobs from the USA over many decades and also stealing roughly 600 billion a year in intellectual property rights over the last two decades.

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    No one cares about Syria.

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    Why and who put troops in Syria in the first place? Who supplied and trained many of the people that US troops eventually fought in Syria? How many troops were in Syria and what was their role? What eventually happened after that statement?  Why did Turkish troops attack the Kurds in which US troops were embedded? Why did Turkey, supposedly a friend and NATO ally, go against what Nato and the UN told them was acceptable? Why do you need a vacuum to bash Trump?

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