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When an old friend is being a *****?

This old friend I have from Junior High/High School went on a huge rant in his facebook status, I didnt comment but I messaged him saying ''hey man , sorry about whatever it is that happend'' and He replied by saying ''Nothing happend, step off dude'' . If its nobody's business then maybe he shouldn't have posted that in the first place and he ended up deleting his post.  The thing is that during high school he was like a typical jock/prep who played a lot of hockey and sometimes he verbally bullied people in school who he thought was below him but if they stood up to him then he would tell them ''learn to take a joke ,dude''. Also if you made fun of him even though you were ''JOKING'' , he would turn into a crybaby and try so hard to get  back at you. By the time he got to the 11th grade he started hanging out with the  wrong crowd and started doing drugs until he was 25 and got help at the mental hopspital to get off the drugs. He has been doing okay since then as far as i know and felt bad that he hardly has friends anymore. Im one of the very few people from high school that still talk to him. I dont think I will bother with him anymore though.

Anyway I replied back to telling him ''I wasnt trying to interfere with your buisness and i wasnt asking what happend.I was just saying sorry about whatever happend because i was being nice and its not nice to talk that way to people.I known u since  04 but if you dont want me 2 inbox u to message u anymore then i can take a hint''


Yeah but he sounded like he had a shitty night 

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    "When a friend is being a (jerk)?" is not a question, so what exactly are you asking? He sounds like he was a troubled kid who probably grew up in a screwed up family, ended up on drugs, and now all of that has carried into his adult life, where he's got even more garbage to deal with. Maybe he doesn't want pity. "Step off dude" is a perfectly reasonable response, imo, to someone I hardly know (going to school with him 10 years ago doesn't make you his "friend") sending me a text during a difficult time. He didn't cuss at you, he didn't threaten you. Don't be friends with him out of pity. Be friends because you like him and care about him. If you don't, then unfriend him on Facebook and move on. 

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       In man speak "Hey man, sorry about whatever it is that happend'' =  "I pity you and your sorry life."   You effectively passive aggressively insulted him and he responded accordingly.  I personally wouldn't take it that way, but I know his type.   I know you were well intended, but you can't say stuff like that without getting a negative reaction with a guy like him.  

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    we dk but u can ignore him if u wish

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