If I change my phone number after filling out dozens of job applications, can I just re-apply to the jobs with my new number?

I bought a new cell phone and Verizon gave me a bad phone number.  I wanted a local number because I was applying for jobs around the area and I've been using this number on dozens of job applications and my updated resume'.  Whoever had this number last must have had dozens of accounts in collections and I'm getting collection calls all day long, non-stop as many as 20 or more calls a day.   They call wanting Carl, when I tell them there's no Carl here and hang up, they call back.

I've been told once bill collectors get ahold of your phone number, they never stop trying to call it.  My guess is Carl owed lots of money and changed his phone number to try to avoid the bill collectors and I was unlucky enough to get Carl's old number.  When I talk with Verizon they said they could give me a different number.

I tried blocking some of the numbers that were calling, but these places keep calling from different numbers, I have a bunch of blocked numbers and they are still calling.  Every day my voicemail is full and Verizon makes me listen to all my messages before deleting them.  I would like to keep the phone number, but I don't see a way to make the collection calls stop.  If I tell them I'm Carl and I have no intention of ever paying them would they just give up?  What do I do about all the job applications I've filled out with this phone number if I change it?


I'm desperate for another job.  We are constantly short staffed and management wants to say we a fully staffed.  We currently have 4 people in quarantine for COVID-19 exposure but we are still fully staffed.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If you say that you are Carl and have no intention of paying, then they do not stop calling.  In theory, if you say you are Carl and tell them to stop to communicate only in writing and not to call, they are required to stop calling, but it's also illegal for them to tell you that they are collection agencies before you say that you are Carl, so if you didn't say that you're Carl and they told you that they were a collection agency, then they aren't following the law.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You have two approaches.   Ask them their name,  business name and phone number so that you can call them back.    If they refuse to give you any information then tell them you do not deal with anonymous voices over the phone and hang up.   Then simply block the number on your phone. 

    Second way,  each time someone calls you say wait a second.......pause and hit one button so the phone will beep.   Then you tell them you are recording the conversation.    They most likely will say they do not give permission for the call to be recorded.   You say "Fine,  do not talk.  I am telling you I am not the guy you are looking for and you do not appreciate being harassed for someone else's bills.    Put this number on your do not call list.   Since I am recording this I have a record of me telling you this and there are big fines if they continue to call you.   Have a nice day. ""  Then hang up and block the number.  

    What you do not want to do is jokingly say you are the person and you are not going to pay them.   All that will do is make them call you more.  

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I am Carl and I do not approve of this question.

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