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Should I End This Friendship?

We’re in our 20s. Females. She moved to my state and I helped her find a job & I introduced her to some friends from highschool (I don’t feel resonance with them anymore), but she hangs out with them. She’s pretty, I am too. But she does get attention which bothers me. Maybe I’m a little jealous. But also, her whole style & thoughts have been influenced by me. She seems to have been sheltered her whole life &a didn’t have much of a personality when I met her. I just needed a friend but she has literally nothing offer me as a person. I have helped her move to my state pretty much and made her life easier. But what do I gain in return? Not much. Sure we have some good laughs sometimes & I have someone to call to go with me somewhere if I need. But I do feel jealous she hangs out with all of my old friends & gets attention. I would rather be alone & meet new people that I feel are on my level, then just have “friends” who drink a lot and are stupid.  Because I’m beautiful & also way more intellectual/ mature/ spiritual & have experienced a lot more depth. I feel like I want to end this friendship.... what should I do?  

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    It sounds like your interests may have changed over the years. It doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. It may just be that you are at a different place in life. If you are having difficulty getting along with your friend then it may not be the healthiest relationship for the two of you at this time, 

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