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Does Y!A community trust levels exist anymore?If so,why is it so secretive?

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    It never existed! It was literally all due to paranoid users thinking "this/that user must have reported me."

    Don't listen to the buffoons who tell you it does exist. Jesus Christ! 

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    We don't know. They DID exist and were part of a complex algorithm YA used to give "weight" to someone's report of a violation. It was done so Yahoo could reduce staff needed to handle reports on YA. It was also known as "user karma". A user with a high TR (trust rating) could get a violation removed more easily than a user with a low TR (in other words, it would require fewer additional users to report a post to get it removed, when a user with high TR reported a post). 


    There is an extensive blog post written about it, from years ago. There is no way for us to know if the algorithm is still in effect in any way, because Verizon Media doesn't share that info and doesn't appear to put a high importance on keeping violations off the site. I have the link to that old blog post that explained how user TR was calculated, in general, but don't have it here at work and an online search just now didn't turn it up. Basically ALL of a user's activity was factored into their TR - their posting activity, how often their posts were reported, how often their reported posts were removed, how often their removed posts were appealed (and whether or not the appeal was won/lost), how often they reported other posts, how often those posts were removed, and how often those posts were reinstated if appealed. There were some few users that had TR "high" enough to where it appeared they could get a post removed with their report alone (although there is no way to verify if it actually worked that way, because there's no way to know how many other users may have reported that same post at the same time).

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    The trolls who claim it never existed obviously weren't here when yahoo allowed appeals. If someone won an appeal then you got a message about how you lost trust in the community. People who are reported often tend to be easier to remove than people who aren't, you would have noticed this a decade ago when the community was healthier.

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    It's all made  up fantasy,  by people with multiple accounts, claiming to have "One report" drop powers. 

    Bullsh*t..........they used multiple accounts to remove things, and claimed to be "trusted members"

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    Yes its still there and its Secretive Because Yahoo does not want people to know who did it Because if they Revealed who did it the Person who Reported them can get Harrased about It 

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    Of course they still exist! Verizon is not going to waste money on unprogramming them.

    Is is secretive in order to not encourage abuse by people with high trustrating

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    They exist; nobody wants their name advertised.  :)

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    No one really knows. The trust levels were constantly changing when they were being used. 

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