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Darcie asked in Social SciencePsychology · 4 weeks ago

 Is this OCD?


 I am a young Autistic woman who has had fixations, anxieties and worries in my life.

 Anyhow, my current fixation is on self-care and dedications which I made to Kuan Yin. I made some dedications, dedicating my life to self-care, compassion and doing good for other beings, and as well as I can and dedicating my life to the Dharma and Buddhism.

 I have two mindsets; one where I put lots of pressure on myself to keep the dedications (I will promise to Kuan Yin and to others to keep those dedications), the other mindset is one in which I don’t pressure myself but I suffer mentally and let myself overeat and not look after myself well and not have what the self-care and compassion and dedications bring. I so, so want to always stick with the dedications, no matter what, or at least to overcome this and find a different way of solving things.

 I have a very “this or that” mentality. It’s either I do put pressure on myself and try to take the best care of myself possible, or I don’t and I go into a mental relapse and overeat. It is very hard to always keep to the dedications, as I get desires to eat treats, give up and eat things that aren’t vegan and I don’t do the self-care as much as I want.

 I don’t have the classic signs of OCD. However, my mentality may be very OCD-ish. Mum is sure that I have OCD. 

Getting therapy isn’t an option now...

 Do I have OCD? If not, what could it be? I’d really like to know what it is I’m dealing with...



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