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The area around my car engine's oil cap seems to be wet, should I be concerned?

I don't know anything about cars. I dont know if its water or if anything is leaking. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    YES! Get a van of GUNK ORIGINAL ORANGE engine cleaner and hit the DIY car wash! Clean the space BEHIND the radiator where leaves, twigs, sticks feathers, and animal droppings have collected for YEARS! This will keep things COOLER again! You MAY have to get a NEW FILL CAP if it continues to LEAK! IT will change the air pressure inside the engine and MAY begging to clog the PCV system! CLEAN is the NAME of the GAME here! ALSO>>about oil, Use PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM in the "0" series for your car engine! It is NOT made from CRUDE OIL< but from NATURAL GAS. IT will REMOVE years of sludgy buildup and keep things CLEAN inside so the engine can dissipate HEAT more evenly! GOOD LUCK!

  • Barry
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    4 weeks ago

    'Seems to be wet' with what? You don't have to know anything about cars to have a shot at identifying this liquid. Wipe it with a kitchen towel. Is it watery or oily? Does it smell of oil? It probably is oil as the cover it's on contains hot oil mist when the engine is running. Make sure the cap is on tight. It may also need a new sealing washer as they perish with age. If you can't get a new washer a dealership parts dept will sell you a new cap. This should solve the problem.

  • CB
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    4 weeks ago

    PCV valve might be stuck closed, replace it and clean the area around the cap with mineral spirits and keep an eye on it. Oil vapors (called blow-by) are coming out of the cap the pcv is supposed to take the blow by and shove it into air intake to reburn the vapors.

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