But why are some people so stupid? ?

Against all evidence they still deny it. 


I am not like that. I am not given any evidence and I deny it. It is not the same thing. 

Update 2:

I mean it's not like the pain gets better if you are in denial. You can't heal with the denial, so trust me get angry feel pain and move on.

Update 3:

@anonymous, yes I know about it, I think Max Weber describes all the thought behind why that happens. Again everyone badmouths Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, but there is nothing worse than the countries that Max Weber describes. I mean, yes, Fascist Italy was not the best and neither was Nazi Germany, but see how much they have achieved now, with their anti-corruption laws and so on. 

Update 4:

Btw that is not true that you can throw black people in jail. It is actually illegal. 

Update 5:

It happens in some places yes, but because they lack the laws and that is why you should never travel there unless in groups. 

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    It matters only if you think it is important to have it accepted.

    Evidence is only evidence if it is the truth.

    If evidence is given that the ones who give it have no interest in, then it is evidence, but if they have a vested interest in putting forward that evidence it is not actually evidence it is whitewash.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because one person can make an inference based on evidence, while one person can make another on the same set of evidence. Politics is a perfect example of this. For example: there's a substantial amount of black people incarcerated over other races. One person might say, the police are racist and target black communities unfairly; while another person might say the black community simply has a higher crime rate; others say their's a fair mixture of both ideas to be true.

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