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Is my dogs leg hurt?

We got our new puppy (border collie) two weeks ago. He fell off the sofa and I reacted in a panic and he began limping and holding his leg up. When my partner walked in he suddenly ran over and starting walking fine so he’s clicked onto reacting to me panicking. Today he tripped on our outdoor step and began crying. My partner took him in and when we tried to get him to walk again he cried and limped so we stopped however when we touch the leg and feel it, he doesn’t cry and he’s absolutely fine. Is it likely he’s putting it on and he’s maybe just got a shock?

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    So when my pup was about 5 months, he had his first "boo boo." We were playing outside and he ran into my husband at full speed and clipped his leg on my husband's leg. He started whining and crying and limping. I took him inside, checked him out, nothing wrong, he just scared himself. Puppies are REALLY good at scaring themselves. Also, a month later, he ran smack into the wood that borders our patio, same thing, but this one raised a lump, so I'm guessing he had a small bruise and some soreness, but nothing to write home about. 

    He's now over a year, and will fall, trip, whatever and nothing. No whining, no yowling. He grew up and realized oh...that's not so bad anymore! Much like children startle themselves when they fall over or trip, when you do it as an adult, it's not so bad. 

    Coddling is NOT recommended, and neither is freaking out. Dogs will do all sorts of things and keep repeating them if they know it gets them attention. Don't rush over and hug him, but do check him out in calm manner to make sure he's ok. ANY doubt, you need to call your vet and get advice. 

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    have u ever heard of a vet? 

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    Puppies can cry easily - when young, not unlike toddlers.  It can be a safety reaction (i.e., hollaring UNCLE) to avoid any more harm in rough play depending on who or what is nearby. (Example: if hurt or threatened by another much more dominant dog) they will also "squeal" easily to indicate "uncle" is being called. If your puppy is new to your home, it may view you much like another dog & may "think" since it was NEAR YOU on the couch - you may have caused the hurt since it associated your nearness & your "over the top" reaction with the PAIN.

    But puppies really can get hurt from falls (break bones & hit the head & cause internal bleeding on the brain) etc.and DO NOT belong ON furniture, and have terrible near-sightedness, so they cannot judge the distance (if they intentionally jump vs fall off).  Being on furniture is not a natural location for a puppy and is UNSAFE.

    Puppies are also prone to BONE PAIN from fast growth (aka panosteitis) and so if a sore bone is hit or impacted, that can hurt WAY MORE, than normal.  If puppy continues to limp after 30 min - SEE A VET!

    Dogs are not "PLOTTING SCHEMERS" or as manipulative (at 10 weeks) as you seem to assume.  NO, your puppy is not "putting on" in the way you think.

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