Why do other Sesshomaru fans give unnecessary hate to inuyasha?

I'm both a Sesshomaru fan and a Inuyasha fan and I hate it when people undermine Inuyasha's character.

He had a childhood that was 5x worse than naruto's, Yet other Sesshomaru fans put Sesshomaru's simple daddy issues over that.

The undermine all of inuyasha's hard work, They say that all the forms he earned were easily handed to him which is not true, They undermined the friendships he had formed, and some fans will say he never surpassed toga just to spite him.

I'm 19 years old and I loved Sesshomaru but every time fans were cruelly mistreated and misunderstood inuyasha, a part of me started to hate Sesshomaru.


" Mistreating and Misunderstanding Inuyasha."

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Sesshomaru thinks he is superior because he is full demon. InuYasha struggled because he didn't have a place in the world of demons or humans. Both ended up with admirable traits: InuYasha learning his skills, and Sesshomaru learning to value humans. But the most important lesson is this: it's a show, just a show, and the charaters are wriiten that way.

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