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The difference between neurotypical vs. typical?

I am having a hard time distinguishing the difference between neurotypical vs. typical. I have a paper due that I am writing on Parkinson's disease. 

Here are the questions:

How does the relevant nervous system component(s) appear/function in the neuro-typical individual?

a. Be sure to offer detail on brain structures and functional pathways.

b. A clear discussion of cellular processing in the neurotypical individual should be included as relevant.

 What do the differences described in a and b above indicate about behavior in the typical individual?  

a. This may include comparing and contrasting.

b. This may include a focus on how a specific structure is vital to a form of processing.

I believe I answered the first question correctly?

In the neurotypical individual there is dysfunction in motor and nonmotor thalamocortical loops in the parallel and segregated basal ganglia. This results in characteristic changes in rates of neuronal firing, firing patterns, and oscillatory brain-cell activity (Okun, 2012). Brain intrinsic connectivity networks (ICNs) are considered to play an important role in cognitive processing that includes the default-mode network (DMN), the dorsal attention network (DAN), and the frontoparietal networks (FPN). These networks are observed through resting-state functional techniques that are an important part in cognitive manifestations of neuropathological processes that are assessed (Baggio et al., 2014). 

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