I was talking to my neighbor, a Mexican American, who served for years in the Air Force. He lived and hunted in Minot, North Dakota and he ?

said "A winch is actually more useful than four wheel drive in the snow."  Do you agree or disagree with this statement?  

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  • 1 month ago

    Often 4 wheel drive will get you into more trouble than out of it, mostly because people think 4 wheel drive WILL get you out of a jam. To be fair, if you know how to use 4x4 correctly you rarely run into issues, but I always tend to think " If I HAVE to use 4 wheel drive to get in, what happens when I need to get out?", which is where most people run into problems. As for driving in snow, traction has to do with the tires and weight loading, so using good snow tires that don't float (being too wide) with chains/cable chains or being studded help whither it's 4x4 or not. 4 wheel drive helps get you through snow, but it doesn't help you stop any faster and it goes back to traction being applied properly in each situation. I've hunted in N. Idaho and Eastern Washington where it gets steep, the snow can be wet and it can get cold and turn icy fast, so I'd opt for a 4 wheel drive WITH a winch that you can permanently attach or can attach to a front or rear frame-mount receiver. If you THINK you need a winch, it's better to invest in one, but you need to learn how to use tackle blocks and gauge slope angles/situations well. I use 4 wheel drive sparingly any more because I'm hunting away from roads, so I just need to get to my access points. 

    If I were in a 4x4 club, it's the same deal, you want to have a winch for when bad turns into worse. 

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