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My best friend for the past 11 years died this morning, and i’m struggling. ?

last night after being sick for a week, my dog, my best friend had an infected uterus surgery and survived when the odds were low. After the Surgery we got a call from the vet saying everything went good, perfect actually, but to not get happy yet as she needs to survive the night. fast forward to this morning and it turns out she did survive the night. an old dog has beat the odds when they were stacked against her once again. all when i thought was good and she was coming home to make a full recovery, we get another call saying she didn’t make it after they took her out for a walk. that she went back into the cage and died quickly after. i’ve never been so sad in my life, i thought i was going to get the happy ending, and now all i can think about is how she died sad and alone probably thinking we abandoned her to die. i keep telling my self she’s in a better place now but it’s not helping at all. how could she have just died like that? should they have let her rest longer before taking her out? i just can’t believe this 

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    It is totally normal I had a Siamese cat that had a UTI and bladder block (couldn't pee) they did surgery, and well same story as yours! It is normal what your going through! May you buddy RIP and be in doggy heaven! Prayers to you!

  • Sorry for your loss,may your dog's soul Rest In Peace. 11 years is a fair age for a dog.Suffering is inevitable in life,this would have happened sooner or later as every creature dies.Try to remember the good times and that your dog led a good life except for the last week.She may not have been in a position to feel much in the last few hours if she was very sick.

    It will take time for the wounds to heal,may God bless you in this difficult time.

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    So sorry for your loss.  Any animal lover would be in your state of mind when they lose a pet.  I know it just tears me to pieces.

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    It is never easy to lose a pet.  I still mourn a dog I lost 12 years ago.

    Some people plant a tree to honor the dog.  Otherwise make a donation to a charity.  Others put together a photo album.

    I had a dog die during teeth cleaning.  Yes, he passed under anesthesia and, according to the Vet, he didn't suffer.

    Loss is never easy.  Unexpected loss is that much more difficult.

    I wish I had an answer for you.  I'm sorry for your loss.

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    This is why people should get bitches spayed preferably at around two years of age. Pyometra which I assume is the womb infection she died from is quite common and often bitches do not survive. If your dog had been ill for a week she would have been very sick indeed. Yes some dogs go well through surgery but sometimes other things go wrong just as they do with humans They would have wanted her to go out and empty her bowels and such to make sure everything was functioning normally. I feel very sorry for you. It sucks.


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    I hope you have pictures to keep her memory alive. When I lost my pet, I couldn't replace him right away. I waited a long time, maybe too long, but finally got another and now I feel that love again.

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