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What are good names for all girl triplets ?

 my inspirations are coming from Roxanne Beckford-Hoge’s twins April and Georgia, from when they were babies, and the baby girl from How To Change A cloth diaper?

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    Anna, Aleah, Aidria (April)

    Brea, Briana, Brynlea

    Cedra, Ciella, Celeah

    Donella, Doryn, Dreah

    Ella, Elaina, Elona

    Fiona, Feya, Fedra

    Gloria, Georga, Giona

    Haleah, Haren, Harona

    Isla, Ivy, Iris

    Jayden, Julia, Jamie

    Karen, Karina, Koryn (Koren)

    Leah, Leona, Layah

    Meryn, Mia, Maydeah

    Nora, Naryn, Norina

    Osalia, Olivia, Opal Onlyn

    Pricilla, Pearl, Paisley

    Quilyn, Quala, Quana

    Rosyn, Railey, Riona

    Shiloh, Sage Selina

    Taylor, Haya, Teagan

    Uriah, Uma, Uriel

    Valerie, Victoria, Vanessa

    Whitley, Willow, Wren

    Xella, Xelerie, Xariah, Xoey

    Yaralie, Yvonne, Yrareli

    Zelda, Zoey, Zara

    So there are a few suggestions for triplets with each child having the same letter as their sibling in their first names. I put in my ideas for each letter of the alphabet for you :o)

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    Dacelynn, Delaney, Delacey

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    jingle, jumpey, and tinkle <3

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    I would avoid names that start with the same letter, or even worse ones that sound similar such as 'Karen Karina and Koryn.' In my experience, name often get missprounced, and a child is likely to get called by a commoner name that sounds similar. There is also more chance of the child mis-hearing when you call. 

    If you want 'matchiness' it's better to have a theme

    examples  Flowers -  Daisy ,  Rose , Iris

    Trees  -  Hazel , Willow, Jasmine

    Precious stones  ,  Opal,  Pearl, Amber

    Virtues,   Faith, Hope Charity.

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    If you make up a bunch of special names with weird spellings, you will convince people three times over that you are an idiot. The three girls will hate you for giving them stupid names that are always misspelled and mispronounced. 

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    laricia , curly and moety , good triplet names , the stoogets for short ..

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    I'd name mine Ivy, Elsie and Lilia (Lili) :)

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    Why do you keep asking a question that makes absolutely no sense

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    Thing 1, thing 2, and thing 3.

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