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is it normal to sometimes feel annoyed at someone using words that don't apply to you?

this is me sometimes with people, in the past, whilst talking to someone about myself or other related subjects on me, they used words that i felt didn't sum me up and did not apply to me, weren't relevant to me, and i showed annoyance and felt uptight with that person,  because they used words that i thought didn't apply to me.

is this understandable you think? or am i too touchy and sensitive?

i'm male in my 40s.


buster, i thought you grasped the idea of what i was saying, thanks to the other answerer too.

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    If I understand the question correctly, it is normal to be a bit annoyed when someone claims a characteristic for you that you feel is not warranted.

    That is, few people like it when someone calls them something that they don't feel is true.  Even when it is done in a good way, and definitely not liked if it is done in a bad way.

    I am not that way at all, how dare you claim that I am?

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    Without knowing the circumstances or words, no one likes to be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

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