What are your favorites metal/hard rock albums of 2013?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    end of diclosure HYPOCRISY 

    coal LEPROUS

    not listed:

    flesh is heir THE AMENTA

    in darkness AGATHODAIMON

    the mountain HAKEN

    winterborn WOLFHEART

    witching hour THE VISION BLEAK

  • donnie
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    In 2013 I was still listing to classic rock so I would say brick in the wall 

  • 4 weeks ago

    I post a list where you can choose

    aftershock MOTORHEAD


     dream theater DREAM THEATER

     hesitation marks NINE INCH NAILS

     now what? DEEP PURPLE

     hail to the king AVENGED SEVENFOLD

     the paradigm shift KORN

     recharged LINKIN PARK

     straight out of hell HELLOWEEN

     black dog barking AIRBOURNE

     super collider MEGADETH

     colors in the dark TARJA TURUNEN

     temper temper BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE

     infestissumam GHOST

     what about now BON JOVI

     the mystery of time AVANTASIA

     the devil put dinosaurs here ALICE IN CHAINS

     deceiver of the gods AMON AMARTH

     nemesis STRATOVARIUS

     house of gold and bones II STONE SOUR

     surgical steel CARCASS

     sacrifice SAXON

     unstoppable momemtum JOE SATRIANI

     altress ALTER BRIDGE

     vengeance falls TRIVIUM

     post mortem nihil est DAGOBA

     feast ANNIHILATOR

     new horizon THE ANSWER

     halo of blood CHILDREN OF BODOM

     outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies VOLBEAT

     heavy metal music NEWSTED

     construct DARK TRANQUILLITY

     the living infinite SOILWORK

     circle AMORPHIS

     the wild hunt WATAIN

     end of diclosure HYPOCRISY

     it begins BLACK RAIN

     the mediator between the head and the hands must

     be the heart SEPULTURA

     disarm the descent KILLSWITCH ENGAGE

     the dream calls for blood DEATH ANGEL


     the divinity of purpose HATEBREED

     satyricon SATYRICON

     dirty dynamite KROKUS

     the underground resistance DARKTHRONE

     motherland PRETTY MAIDS

     one of us is the killer THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN

     all is one ORPHANED LAND

     earth rocker CLUTCH

     the cube SUPURATION

     blodsvept FINNTROLL

     aenigma mystica MISANTHROPE

     in the minds of evil DEICIDE

     queensryche QUEENSRYCHE

     earth blues SPIRITUAL BEGGARS

     seasons will fall CIRCLE II CIRCLE

     pinnacle of bedlam SUFFOCATION

     psychiatric SATAN JOKERS

     the wrong side of heaven FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH

     youngblood AUDREY HORNE

     the winery dogs THE WINERY DOGS

     generation nothing METAL CHURCH

     epitome of torture SODOM

     steelhammer UDO

     heroes of origin HATRIOT

     target earth VOI VOD

     anthems ANTHRAX

     unborn SIX FEET UNDER


     sempiternal BRING ME THE HORIZON

     united world rebellion chapter 1 SKID ROW

     frequency unknown QUEENSRYCHE (GEOFF TATE)

     venomous rat degeneration ROB ZOMBIE

     electric punishment VICIOUS RUMORS

     the last spire CATHEDRAL

     life sentence SATAN

     novum initium MASTERPALN

     hope in hell ANVIL

     evenblack BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

     traveller JORN LANDE

     the headless ritual AUTOPSY

     walk through exists only PHIL ANSELMO

     ravenous plague LEGION OF THE DAMNED

     impermanent resonance JAMES LA BRIE

     crown of phantoms CHIMAIRA

     hear what I say DELIVERANCE

     from beer to eternity MINISTRY


     valkyrja TYR

     immortal legacy HIRAX

     afterwords THE GATHERING

     resilient running wild

     savages SOULFLY

     last patrol MONSTER MAGNET

     obsine PESTILENCE

     the rommel chronicles HAIL OF BULLETS

     waiting for the end to come KATAKLYSM

     revolution rise KILL DEVIL HILL

     chemistry of consciousness TOXIC HOLOCAUST

     dark wings of steel RHAPSODY OF FIRE

     serpents unleashed SKELETONWITCH

     if you have ghost GHOST

     volion PROTEST THE HERO

     vertikal CULT OF LUNA

     preachers of the night POWERWOLF

     IV empires collapse WARBRINGER

     fast loud death LOST SOCIETY

     revocation REVOCATION

     echoes of battle CALADAN BROOD

     coal LEPROUS

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