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Tips for understanding math?

I’m currently in Grade 10 and am very worried about math next semester. The last semester of grade nine before coronavirus included academic math which I got a 57% in. I consider myself a competitive and very eager to learn student which shows in the fact that my other classes are high 80s/90s. Although math has always been tricky for me in my grade 8 year I had an 85% at a private school which my parents berate me for saying I could have done better. Last year I really fell behind with the combination of the teachers lack of explanation and depression from losing my friend group that was only made worse with the fact I was borderline failing a class and lockdown. I tend to overthink even simple math problems and am already worried for my ambitions to go to University of Toronto which requires calculus, a notoriously difficult math course. Any tips and tricks or sites to help me out would be greatly appreciated. 


I haven’t heard nearly any good things about the math teacher I have so I don’t know if going to her is a great option and it’s also worth to note I was doing tutoring at this homework help facility called Oxford and studying with a student tutor but I still didn’t do well.

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    Math at your level requires ALOT of practice.

    1. This should be the 1st homework subject you complete, and  you should start the homework as soon as possible.

    2. If you've completed the assignment problems, RE-DO each problem until you feel you can solve it with your eyes closed! Yes, this takes a lot of time, but do this and you will be surprised how much your math performance improves.

    3. Create REFERENCE SHEETs for yourself. Include formulas, tricks to solve problems, algebraic rules, etc... anything that you think you might need quickly to help you solve problems.

    4. Weekends. DO MORE MATH REVIEW !! Re-work more problems.

    5. Once you get comfortable with the problems your class has completed, continue to re-work old problems, BUT START LOOKING AHEAD at the material your class has not covered yet. If you can get to this point, by the time your class works on the new material, it will already be "review" for you.

    6. All of this takes dedication on your part. You have to be willing to commit the time and energy.

    7. Don't make excuses about your teacher. It is your teacher's job to help you.

    Good Luck!

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    two hours a day, 7 days a week will improve your math

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