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Could you be friends or date a woman like this ?

She talks loud and fast to the point her mouth gets so dry so every 2 minutes you can hear her tongue peeling itself off the roof of her mouth making smacking noises. And also she never lets you speak. And when you do get a chance to speak she cuts you off, she just says “yeah” and starts talking again. She thinks she knows everything and has a saviour complex. She has a past of promiscuity but calls others girls at any age sIuts even though she’s 40. And also when she eats with her mouth open it’s gets all over the place and she never looks at you, she looks the other way so she has NO IDEA about social cues and it’s like an excuse to not let other people talk. Is she a narcissist? And also she wears a hat 24/7 hiding her hairline she wears it at jobs and places where it’s not acceptable but she is too embarrassed 


Yes Jack 

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    Not me, id run from that.

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    3 months ago

    See even if she was a narc you had me until the hat, maybe she has an issue with her hair, no need to judge, chill out 

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