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Is hydropower a good source of electricity?

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    Water vapor is a greenhouse gas that contributes highest to the greenhouse effect. If that water vapor is condensed then the condensate is useful for many applications like drinking, cleaning or washing, coolant, make ice or steam, hydrolysis, preventive remedy for kidney-stone dry skin, sonography procedure, farming, water-sports, water transport, solvent, hydroelectric power, cooking, making beverages. There is a shortage of water in many areas of the world, shortage of electricity too. Many areas of the world sees heavy flooding due to rains, cloud bursts, snow fall, if all this water is captured, stored and linked with areas having scarcity of water or used for hydroelectric power in areas having shortage of electricity. Every source of power has advantages and disadvantages. If a region has excess of water due to various reasons, then it should  surely first assess the techno-economic feasibility of hydroelectric power generation and distribution. Irrespective of hydroelectric power project being feasible or not, water leakages must be minimized, evaporative loss of water must be minimized, water must be captured and stored and water must be used frugally

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    yes!! we will never run out of water on earth. 

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    It's great until a dam breaks and kills people.

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    It depends on your criteria I suppose, as well as who you ask.

    Hydropower offers basically, perpetual, "clean" (in terms of carbon emissions), cheap (once capital costs are covered) energy. Canada has tons of it, and exports a lot to the US.

    The downside is that hydropower, particularly large installations, is extremely disruptive to ecosystems when the dams are built. Many of them flood huge areas of wetlands. They can also be disruptive to wildlife, particularly anadromous fish like Salmon. 

    My observation is that they certainly do disrupt existing ecosystems, but in their place they create a new ecosystem with the lake that is created. And I think when hydropower is compared to other sources of energy, they seem to have a favorable impact profile. While they certainly have an impact, I wonder how that impact compares to the impact of equivalent power generated from coal? 

    Nonetheless, some environmental groups oppose the construction of new hydro dams, and advocate dismantling existing ones.

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