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Is it illegal to drive a golf cart with your eyes closed?

I’ve always wanted to try it at the local country club. I’ve been going my whole life and know the trails really well. I bet my friend $250 I could do it. But could I end up in jail in the process?  I’ll go at night so there’s no one else around if that helps, I know I can do it in the dark. 

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    No it's not illegal.  But there is risk of injury and property damage.  

  • 3 months ago

    NO.... but if you destroy something in the process or hit someone, you could be fined for about "$3000" depending on the level of destruction or how much it hurts depending on the victim's complain....

    dont be stupid.... be smart.....

  • 3 months ago

    You won't go to jail.  A fine yes, but no jail.

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  • Depends on the circumstances.  Let's go through the particulars:

    1) You're already admitting in a publicly searchable forum (by IP) your intent.  Or what attorneys call 'confessing'.

    2) If you use a golf cart without the club's permission, that's theft.  

    3) You would be responsible for any damage that you did to the course, or property.  You'd also likely leave your DNA behind.

    4) Most courses have hidden cameras to protect the course from vandals.  My home course installed these several years ago when a few youths rode their bicycles on a green doing several thousand dollars worth of damage (they were caught, arrested and made to pay for the cost of repairs).  The cameras are cheap and easy to install.

  • 3 months ago

    I don't know if the act of driving with your eyes closed is illegal or not.

    I do know that when you run the cart off the track and into a tree, or a pond or cause some other damage, you will be arrested and charged with something.

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