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As a woman, why do people tell you to be patient when dating ?

When you take your time, before being too close, the guy thinks you’re not interested? So he writes you off in his mind for dating. But if you get close soon, you’re considered needy, or depending on how close, they think you’re easy. Confusing! So is it true that when you meet the right one there won’t be this confusing issue? 

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    It was true for me. When my now husband started to fall for me, back when we first knew each other, he told me he really liked me and wanted to date me and I told him that I'd just gotten out of a serious relationship that broke my heart and I wanted to wait awhile, because I liked him but I wanted to make sure I was ready for another relationship. He told me that this made him happy. I said, really? why? I thought you'd be upset. And he said, "no, why would I be upset when you just said you liked me and you wanted to make sure you wanted a relationship with me? That's great news!" He was willing to wait. A few months later, we started dating, then we got engaged and married, and we've been married 21 years. 

    Also, I would be wary of anyone who wanted to rush into a relationship too fast. It's often what people do when they just want you for sex, or they are abusers, or they have other issues. Someone who is truly interested in you and truly likes you won't rush you or "write you off" so quickly. 

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    If a guy "writes you off" he wasn't that interested to begin with.  A guy who is very interested will continue to contact you and continue to try.  This is what happens when a guy is attracted to a girl.  If he's not, then all he wanted in the first place was sex

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