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When a vehicle has a CNG conversion, can traditional gasoline still be used?

I'm looking at an old AT&T Chevrolet Express cargo van at an auction yard and noticed that it says it runs off of CNG. On the side of the van above the original gas fill location, there seems to be the place to fill using CNG. I'm assuming this was a conversion and didn't come from Chevrolet this way. Unfortunately, I cannot see who did the conversion so I cannot contact that company directly. I have seen some Ford trucks that can either accept traditional fuel as well as CNG, so my concern is whether or not this old AT&T van can accept both. There aren't many CNG stations near me in central California, so I wouldn't want to be solely dedicated to CNG. Also how hard, if possible, would it be to just remove the kit altogether and return back to a traditional fuel vehicle?

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    It would have to be a very special conversion to use those two fuels. Besides the plumbing differences (high pressure system for CNG), the engine would have a very different way of introducing the fuel into the cylinder. A gas engine would have a carburetor or fuel injection. The CNG system would have to have a variable gas valve system of some kind, like opening and closing the valve on a propane grill. You could probably re-convert the truck back to gasoline but that would hardly be worthwhile.

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    i don't think they can i have never heard of that 

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