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I am a great baller and  i want to convince my parents to move to California (btw i live in Quebec) My dad works two jobs but they dont want?

To move to cali


And i am not of legal age but really soon

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    I live in Los Angeles and have been to Quebec. They are like night and day. Great for you as a child, yet your parents may be turned off by the fact we have the largest homeless population in the United States in which we used to be 2nd to NY, but now have the most unhoused. Ours also have severe mental issues and can be found nearly every part of the city in some capacity...you will see them. Also, it is expensive as heck only 2nd to New York. Example, purchasing a $500,000 home will put you in an okay neighborhood with just a 2 bedroom home and 1 bathroom, and nothing special or pretty looking....just the most basic house. Rent for a nice apartment in a nice area for a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom will start at $2,200/month. Also, compared to other places I've lived, people in LA are aggro in driving and selfish in their needs. It's a move out of the way, I need to go to such and such place...NOW! People are also quite rude and lack the friendly customer service in businesses you experience normally. So, your parents may be put off by that. It's a blank face, not saying hello saying "what can I get you?" There are also lots of Mexicans who companies hire for the spanish speakers, but they don't really speak english well and miss the nuances of the language leading to lots of misinterpretations. This is frustrating for me. 

    Meanwhile, pre-COVID(we still have movie theaters and bars closed and the things that can open must only allow 25% capacity), I absolutely lovvvvvvvvved living here! There are soooo many different cultures and different parts of the city, so if you want a beach day with surfing you his Palisades, Malibu, Marina del Rey, or Dockweiler for the beach scene or even Venice if you want a funky beach scene and some boardwalk fun. Then, Im a huge foodie who loves fine dining and practically lives at the rooftoop restaurant of the Waldorf Astoria every weekend for the brunch scene with great food and views. If I want Ethiopian food, I hit up the "Little Ethiopia" part of town. Like, LA is so huge and there are soooooo many food places and things to discover(pre-COVID...shhh has slowed down now) that you never get bored. We have so many pro sports teams and if it's new or on the brink of being cool, we have it first, period. Being such a major hub of entertainment, every entrepreneur, marketer, wants to see what Los Angelenos think first. I moved to LA 18 years ago at a young age and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I can die right now and say I had all the fun I ever wanted. I can never have fun again for the rest of my life and reflect on the fun that I already had here. There's my take. Choose wisely 😁 

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    Btw baller means Basketballer

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    I had to look up what baller means.  This is what I found.

    (c/p)  What is the slang definition of Baller?

    1 Answer. The slang definition for Baller means "A thug who has acquired the "spotlight" Someone who is now earning big because of popularity.".

    What is the slang definition of Baller? - GotKnowHow.com


    Why would you expect the whole family to move for your own personal gain?  A bit selfish don't you think.

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    When you are of age, you move.

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    If they don't want to move, then they probably won't do that. If you aspire to live in California, then move when you're of age to do so.  I live in California - it's way expensive here.  Weather is pretty good in most areas, though.  So anyway, bring a lot of money and have a good job waiting for you here because you're going to need both.

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    Here's an idea - why don't you learn to support yourself and go to California on your own money?

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