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How do the Japanese stay so thin?

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    2 Reasons:

    1) Because most Japanese do not drive, they walk. In Japan, you can get anywhere using the mass transit system. But using them means you still have to walk to the stops or stations and ride to the nearest let off point and walk to your final destination. The average Japanese walks over 5,000 steps everyday and they do this since they were young enough to walk to school. 

    2) Food is expensive in Japan. Because of this, the serving size is also smaller - about 1/3 smaller than the typical serving size in the US. Even the can or bottled drinks are smaller.

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    It's a solid question because dishes like tonkatsu and ramen are hardly low calorie. It's not as if there are not obese Japanese, there are hostess bars with big hostesses for men who like their women large. I am going to say one factor is that a Japanese doctor will not beat around the bush if he or she thinks a patient needs to lose weight. There is also the ningen dock concept. After a ningen dock many people actually do change their ways in terms of booze, smokes, diet, whatever... 

    I once heard of a certain person who used a culture visa to work in Japan. He claimed to be a devout student of karate, when probably he went to the dojo once a week-at best. A skeptical immigration officer poked him in his beer gut with a pen to suggest his culture visa was in trouble. 

    This is to point out the bullying/peer pressure, whatever you want to call it that goes on in Japan. This probably what keeps Japanese people from overeating. 

    Diet wise, I suppose one factor is that the Japanese notion of desert is very modest. Unfortunately, no massive slice of apple pie with ice cream. The traditional sweet bean deserts in Japan tend to look much better than they taste IMHO. 

    I think that for at least some salarymen to this day, they have such lives run on booze, coffee, and smokes. They do not have big appetites, so of course they fit their suits. Therefore I will not say that slim=healthy. 

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    Tastes of food are bad.

  • 3 months ago

    Generally Japanese food does not contain much calories.

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  • T
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    Most young Japanese girls are almost morbidly wary of even a slight weight gain. Them aside, I think it has mostly to do with their genetic makeup. Not to insult or anything but people who are really obese like Michael Moore are rare to find among them. No matter how big of an eater a Japanese person is, they won't get fat to that level. Their gene does not allow fat to accumulate that much. Maybe the same goes for other East Asians like Chinese and Koreans. 

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    They eat a lot of fish and minimal carbs 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    A healthy diet of rice and fish.

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