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Physics Grade 10 Need urgent help  ?

I'm currently studying reflection on a concave mirror and this is the question i'm stuck on

1. A 6.0 cm tall object is placed 8.0 cm away from a concave mirror

a) how far away is the inverted image if it's height is 4.5 cm (hint: inverted, see rules for h)

b)what is the magnification of this mirror

c) is the image real or virtual ? justify your answer with 2 valid points.

idk whether to solve this with drawing it or using the equations

idk when to use the magnification equation and the other one


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    a) By m = hi/ho = -di/do

    =>di = dohi/ho {-ve is just indicating the image is real}

    =>di = [8 x 4.5]/6

    =>di = 6 cm

    b)  By m = hi/ho = 4.5/6 = 0.75

    c) For concave mirror, this condition only exists when the Object is beyond centre of curvature and in such situation, the characteristics of the image are as under;

    -Real image

    -Inverted (vertically)

    -Reduced (diminished/smaller)

    -As the distance of the object (S) increases, the image asymptotically approaches the focal point

    -In the limit where S approaches infinity, the image size approaches zero as the image approaches F

    =>Real image

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