I started working for the first time and it doesn't feel good.?

So I've never worked before and now I'm doing my first internship but I feel caged all the time.

I'm tensed and stressed all the time because they don't have any timing and working from home is bad in that way.

I feel I am taking too much weight on my shoulders and I shouldn't care that much and just do the work and forget about it.

But the feeling is I am not free anymore.

I think taking it lightly and reaping the benefits of working at home(like talking to my family, watching a bit of TV, listening to music) while working can help.

I just wanted to hear your experiences when you started to work for the first time.


My profile is of a software developer.

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    3 months ago
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    If working at home is stressful, ask to go in to the office.

    If WORKING itself is stressful and you would feel stressed whether you were in an office or at home then remember to consider this:

    If you do not work...Who will pay your rent?  Who will buy your food?  Who will give you a car or motorcycle to drive to go places?  Who will pay for your cellphone, internet access and/or data use?  Who will buy you necessities like toilet paper, soap, pants, shoes and water?

    If you do not work...will your friends still want to be around you?  Will your parents and relatives respect you?  Will you have everything that you need?

    Basically it comes down to this: Do you want the comfort of having a place to sleep where no one will attack you while you sleep...where no bugs or rats or dogs or snakes will crawl  all over you?   Or does it not matter?  If it doesn't matter...stop working.

    If it does...then shut up, suck it up and keep calm and keep working

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    We understand the feelings that you have right now. It's never easy to work especially when it's not your preferrable workplace. And that is the reason why you lose the excitement to your work. What you can try to do is to find the answer to why you are working. Sometimes we did it just to say that we have a job. If that so then find your very reason why you work so hard for this. And most importantly, start to love what you are doing. Be patient, every now and then you can realize why you are doing this. On why you are working. I hope this will help a little.


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    Try a change of environment and work outside (e.g. coffeeshop).

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    You better understand that WORK is not your at home downtime,  it's putting in the time and effort to do your part of the job that keeps that company afloat.  Stop being a child and move into adulthood. 

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    I started working when I was 16. As I was still in high school, it was part time. It takes some time to develop a solid work ethic. 44 years later, I'm still working.

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    I think you sound like a baby.

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