Should I keep hooking up ?

Basically I started talking to this girl from my college 2 months ago . We talked and all and like after 3-4 days we started talking dirty. We sexted a lot and after 2-3 weeks. We talked real stuff after and  I actually started getting some feels for her and she started liking me too. She told me that she wants to get closer with me and maybe even date and I felt the same but I’m like our religions our separate and my parents don’t mind who I’m with but the religion barrier they are less Accepting

 They wouldn’t stop me if I did but ik it would not be something they like .

She’s like I figured and she’s like my intention was not to catch feels at all . I’m like so what do we do about this even I wasn’t sure . She’s like why don’t you meet me tom . I go and meet her we talk and all and she’s like remember all the sexting we did haha. I’m like ya it was hot she’s like ik I’m like it really did turn me on she’s like ik me too and she’s like I remember I was like I wanted u to bang me one day in a car remember I’m like yes I do I would def . 

She’s like smell my perfume and she’s like smell my neck I do it she grabs my neck towards her neck and starts sucking my neck. I back away I’m like are u sure u want to do this she’s like let’s just do it and all I’m like **** I was so horny and I had no condoms but she came prepared so we have sex in the car. talked about it and that she understood about my religion and she’s like the sex was great thanks for that . we met again for sex


Before meeting again I was sad so was she she sent me a pic of her with some guy . She msged me 3 days ago I asked her I’m like that’s good she’s like I did that to make you jealous . I’m like so we still in feels or nah she’s like no strings at all this time and she’s like she wants to **** again. I’m like are u sure she’s like ya. We were both horny and sexted more . So should I continue hooking up with her? She’s really hot it’s so hard to say no and she keeps wanting to do it with me a lot 

Update 2:

I meant tradition not religion . When we met again she was more into sex rather than feels we never talked about it . After going home she’s like let’s meet again and book a motel or something 

Update 3:

Will this result in some feelings And stuff ? We can’t be together at all but what if it results in that?

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago
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    You probably need to make a final decision on how willing you are to displease your parents by dating outside of your faith. Even just in this question you're sending us a lot of mixed messages so one can imagine how confused she must be. So either tell her you could never date her seriously and let her know this is just a hookup thing... Or commit to being willing, should things advance in that way, to having her as your girlfriend and being willing to take the criticisms of your family. Right now you're not giving her any clear direction. 

  • 2 months ago

    Hey foofa. Thanks for the advice. I probably didn't have enough space to write but i told her it's a hookup thing as she herself made it clear by telling me. We both are aware it's a hookup but you are right it might lead to something and i have to make a final decision 

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