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Why some classes at different universities are easier than other? How is this fair? ?

I’m currently in biology major and I had to take general chemistry and organic chemistry. For general chemistry I got both A’s both 1 and 2, but I studied every single day to get A. The lab report was very intensive, took me about 2-3 days to finished it.  I’m working for my grades for my grad school main reason. I have friends who took chemistry at different universities and they aren’t stressing at all. The teacher doesn’t grade their lab report like that. They don’t put much effort, the teachers r really lenient and easily give out A. How is this fair? I dedicated so much time to get a good grade, while my classmates easily slip through with an A. To me this isn’t fair. What do u guys think? 

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    Life isn't fair.  Get used to it.

    If your university is more prestigious, then you'll get recognized for achievement for the rest of your life, but they won't.  If your universities are equally prestigious, or theirs is more prestigious, then why are you killing yourself in your university when you could work less at theirs?  Why not transfer to their university then?  

    It's your choice.

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    It isn't fair. There's no strict uniform curriculum or whatever so the same classes at different university will always differ greatly. I'm an art major and honestly I wish my professors would be harder on me. Because I know students in the same classes at an actual art school probably suffer more than me. I learned nothing taking all these easy *** classes.

    It sucks, **** isn't fair. Life isn't fair. We all die. Grass will always be green. It's whatever I guess.

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    Maybe it's not fair, but life isn't fair.  There are no standards for classes across universities; many times there aren't even standards within the same university.  We have different faculty who teach different sections of the same class, and they all do it their own way with their own textbooks and their own choice of topics and assignments.  

    Your hard work will pay off for you, and you will find yourself well prepared for graduate school, which may not be the case for those who are having an easier time of things right now.

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    You might ask the same question within your own university.  Do you think some majors are easier than others, and students are not working as hard to get A's?  Is that fair?

    If your goal is a graduate degree in Bio, the graduate school admission counselors know which undergraduate schools are easy in Bio and Chem, and which are not, so you will not be disadvantaged.  And anyone who knows anything about Chem, knows Organic is a tough course.

    However, learn this lesson now:  Life is not fair. You will find many examples throughout life.  Don't stress over this, and do the best you can.

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    Let me call you a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance

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    those who put in added work frequently get added results several years down the road in the form of a better job

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    Hmm I’m not sure but you can try using ratemyprofessor to see what your professor to be is like and how they teach the class.

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