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I am watching the X-Files last 2 seasons again. Have you watched the whole series? Did you lose interest after Mulder left the first time?

I was a huge fan back in the day.

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    2 months ago
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    I loved it when it originally aired, but as the years passed it became more apparent that there was no real plan for the show.  It fell apart.  I quit when the got Mulder and Scully together romantically.  Loathed that storyline.  I tried watching the revival, but the fact that they focused on Mulder and Scully's son made it unwatchable for me.  I gave up a few episodes in.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Do you mean the last two of the original show, or the awful reboot seasons?  Those are just garbage, with only the one about AI stuff being worth watching.  As for the original, no, I didn't lose interest then, and appreciated Robert Patrick's character.  Own all the originals, and sadly, that includes the first of the reboot seasons. 

    The series as a whole was entertaining, though he should have wrapped it up, with actual answers.  He lied, though.  Claimed the movie would answer everything, and it didn't.  The, the next movie would.  It didn't.  Then, the new seasons would, and they didn't, plus he went full retard on the political crap.  The actors going woke along with that, and they lost me.  I'll appreciate the old stuff, though.

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    2 months ago

    Yes Chris Carter mangles the alien story arc horribly with all the different alien types and invasion plot lines and then when they restarted the series later it was even worse with Mulder somehow still denying aliens existed.

  • 2 months ago

    I saw most of them but not all. Yes, I did lose interest then.

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  • Nick
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    2 months ago

    I watched it when it came out and loved it, but when it came out on netflix(?) I just re-watched favorite episodes and didn't bother with full seasons.

  • 2 months ago

    ive never seen it but it sounds good

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