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Adult rekindling love for ballet?

This question isn't for myself but my older sister, she used to passionately do ballet for a good 13-ish years. She loved it but her teacher of those 13 years passed away and she stopped dancing because of it. She isn't as fit and flexible as she once was but wants to get back into ballet but all schools that take adult ballet require auditions and she is very shy and doesn't want to audition. I was wondering if anyone had any ballet school recommendations for her (we are in northern England, wont reveal exact location) or any advice on how I can help her knowing nothing about ballet myself. Id love to see her dance again and make her happy again.

She tells me she has forgotten everything she learnt which I know isn't exactly true because she gives me pointers on my posture and arms when I do my own sports. She has just lost her confidence

Thanks for taking the time to read and maybe reply to this in advance

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    I’m not in England so I can’t help on that score. However if she hasn’t danced in a few years she should start back in a beginner adult ballet class. Those don’t require an audition. Especially if they are open classes. Professional ballet dancers out for a year due to injuries start back in advanced beginner classes ( at the affiliate feeder ballet school to their company) until they get back up to speed. Classes for adults not looking for a ballet career would only have “auditions” for level placement not acceptance in the school. 

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