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Why do these jobs pay less than minimum wage?

Google says that employees cant be paid less than minimum wage even if they agree to it.

I'm currently looking for jobs and have attended interviews and trial shifts where the hourly wage was $15-$17 AUD. How can this be when the minimum wage where I am is $19.81 AUD? I'm 19 so i'm not being paid the child wage (I know some places pay adult wages after age 20, but the places i'm talking about start to pay adult wages at 18). 

So how can this be? Or is this just illegal?

I don't have much knowledge on this as i've never had an actual proper job before (spent the last two years doing a paid apprenticeship which paid more than minimum wage).

I'm just very confused, could someone please explain why they're offering less than minimum wage? They are all entry level retail positions so would that be why?

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  • 2 months ago

    Tips will make up the difference.  The jobs are a base pay and tips.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    ask your mommy if she can show you how to do a google search.

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