SMD hot air rework station?

I am looking to obtain a hot air smd rework station and was wondering what recommendations there are, areas covered to include some bga work. I am looking for a medium price bracket and have looked at some weller and pace offerings as I use a pace st115 solder extractor and a weller wi80 solder station and like the makes, but I don't want to spend £700 - £800. If one comes up on the second user market then maybe, but for now I am looking to spend between £150 - £250. I have been recommended to avoid fan in handle models, and do not require 2 in 1 models.

I came across several variants of Aoyue 852A+ SMD (500 watt element) Rework Stations but know nothing about the make.

They all seem to be around 500 watts for the hand-piece, with the pace sets being around the 600 watt

regards Moris

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