PC requirements for smartphone games development ,please?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Game development normally requires development software to create games.  You would need a computer that meets the requirements for the software you want to use to develop the games.

    There are web sites that you can use to develop web apps and games totally on line.  (They are usually limited in how advanced of an app or game you can create.)  That can be done from anything that can access the web site.  Including your phone, tablet, Chromebook, etc. 

    That being said, smartphones have a tiny fraction of the power of a PC. So what you would need to develop smartphone software is going to be on the low end of PC requirements. Any mid range PC or laptop on sale today would more than meet the requirements for developing phone apps. 

    So what you need is going to be based on what you are using the create the game. 

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    2 months ago

    A PC with Intel i7 quad core, at least 8 of memory RAM, i recommend a SSD 512 GB, GPU Nvidia (recommended)

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