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Was it wear and tear, filtered tap water or the car battery itself that caused it to die?

The battery was pretty old to begin with but what I did was fill the cells with normal tap water I filtered and then placing the battery inside the compartment without it being locked down.  I  simply let it slide back and fourth while hitting against the frame. 

The battery simply went flat despite the alternator charging it from the last drive. 


Is it worth hooking up the battery to my NOCO genius battery charger? 

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    All of those.

    But the two absolute killers for an old battery were in topping up with tap water as only de-ionised water must be used, and also the failure to secure the battery as the plates inside are not very robust. Most of the time they are not solid lead. That’s only true of a brand new fully-charged battery.

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    Pretty old = ? 

    Filtered water?There are minerals in tap water.They stick to the plates. 

    In the long run, not good. 

    In the short run, won't kill a battery. 

    How low was the electrolyte?

    Were the plates uncovered? 

    You can try charging it with a battery charger. 

    Most jump boxes do not charge the car battery.

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    For an alternator to charge a battery you'd need to drive on the expressway for 2 hours. Go to Advance Auto and have them test the battery and charging system. It's a free service they offer.

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    "Pretty old to begin with" means it's highly likely you need a new battery.  Secure the new one because a loose battery is dangerous.  In the future, if you need to add water, use distilled water.  

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    Car batteries eventually die and need to be replaced.

    On the rare occasions when you do need to top up a car battery, it needs deionised water rather than filtered water. Tap water, even if filtered, will not do it any good.

    If adding water makes the electrolyte too weak, the battery will not work as well as it should.

    It is worth TRYING to use your battery charger but, realistically, if the alternator does not keep it charged, then a battery charger is unlikely to succeed.

    The battery should always be firmly fixed down using a proper battery clamp or strap but it won't stop it charging if you don't fix it down.

    Sorry but you probably need a new battery.

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