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Is there a website backyard mechanics can access for vehicle specific specifications for sensor read outs?

I have a scan tool (cheap $200 Bluetooth scanner) and various tools to do my own work on cars  but I need vehicle specific specifications regarding the correct sensor read outs, correct torque settings, correct voltage readouts from the alternator, correct oil grades (I don't like multigrade oil), and correct volt read outs when the engine is running ( mine idles between 13V - 14V). 

I believe even an endless money pit from a European car maker can be one of the best out there provided ALL plastic parts are replaced with metallic parts. Europeans make some of the BEST engines around that are only let down by cheap plastic parts for the cooling system and rubber vacuum hoses that crack (very common with all cars as they get older)

Also, why do rubber hoses for the vacuum system fail over time?

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