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Newer Camry or Corolla (2020)?

I'm a 23 year old college graduate, looking to get a second hand newer car. I like the Corolla because its a basic car and doesn't require much maintenance, and I grew up in a Corolla household so I have a lot of confidence in their reliability, but I've never experienced a Camry before.

The reason I'm considering the Camry is for the comfort on longer drives or road trips, especially because I have to sit in traffic as I live in the city. 

I really can't decide which is best, I've been watching a ton of Youtube videos but if any of you have experience owning either or both, please share your experiences. I'm just looking for something that won't be needing a mechanic every month.

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    The Camry comes standard with a stronger engine, as well as a more powerful V6. ... In terms of available cargo space, the Camry interior offers more space than the Corolla. The 2020 Camry includes Toyota Safety Sense™ P (TSS P), while the 2020 Corolla comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense™ 2.0 (TSS 2.0).

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    The RAV $would be MY CHOICE! It is FREINDLY and has ROOM in it for mots ANYTHING! IT is HEAVY enough to be SAFE and has AWD in most of them! They are ATTRACTIVE and, well, MANLY! They have come  aLONG WAY! I did NOT like the steering or handling on the FIRST version. MAYBE because I ma used gto the PRECISION of ERUOPEAN CAFR! Bur you can even get GREAT DEALS on used ONES on and CARGURUS< and even AUTOLIST!I also like the Subaru CROSSTREK! For LOOKS and for the FACT they have EY SIGHT< a feature like RADAR that READ the road and alerts you to DEER CROSSING and takes over BRAKING to AVOID it! MAYBE the TOYOTA has it TOO! >>>ALSO check out the AUDI model that have this as WELL !AUDI wil OUTLAST nearly anything and has a 12 year PERFORATION WARRANTY! They are LIKE TANKS and VERY VERY quick and AGILE! AND CHEAP to won as well!>>>ONLY THING you must use special 502/505 FULL EUROPEAN SYNTHETIC OIL IN IT! ACTUALLY the SAME for ANY TOYOTA as well! USING PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM Or ULTRA EURO will extend warranty out to 500,000 miles with PROOF of USE and PURCAHSE! IT does NOT get any better than that! Use for WONDERFUL prices on great USED AUDI or BMW xDRIVES or BENZ SK+LK hard top convertibles! They are WAWESOM and BENZ hAs a MILLION MILE CLUB as WELL! STRONGER than a TOYOTA< too! 

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    Sit in them. Test drive them. See what you like the best with the options offered. Pay particular attention to visibility and blind spots and how all the controls work.

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    Both are excellent choices. Your choice should depend on what your needs and wants are. No-one can tell you that but you. Test drive both. The Camry will cost more, but it's larger and roomier; The Corolla will be more economical and less expensive comparably equipped. Reliability? You can't really go wrong either way.

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    How many more times are you going to ask this?

    If the extra running and maintenance costs of the Camry are both useful and genuinely affordable to you, then get the Camry. If not then get the Corolla.

    On the higher trim level Corollas the front seats are very similar in terms of comfort and adjustments.

    Just make a choice. There will be disadvantages whichever choice you make.

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    You sound like you are 23 going on 46.

    If you are driving a new Camry it's going to look like you are driving your parents car. You can be practical but also act your age.

    It's not about "image" it's about the "fun" scale.  And by fun, I don't mean out drinking or clubbing...

    A 23 year who says "I want comfort for long drives and road trips" thinks like an old man instead of someone youthful and spontaneous. 

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    The only difference is size.  I would buy a camry.

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    Hyundai accent 6 speed manual

    Source(s): "A hunch" Is retarded. And NO they are not just different in size. The camry costs more.
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