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Who was the better and more accomplished baseball player : Roger Maris or Jaun Gonzalez ?

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    Better and more accomplished are two different things. Maris, unquestionably, was more accomplished, as baseball is first and foremost a team game. Personal honors aside, Maris played in seven World Series and his teams won three of them. Gonzalez' teams only saw the post season four times, and never got beyond the ALDS.

    As for personal honors, both were league MVP twice. In spite of Maris' one Gold Glove to none for Gonzalez, Gonzalez' fielding numbers were slightly better. As for overall hitting, Gonzalez was the much-better hitter. His slash line of .295/.343./.561 and an OPS of .904, with 434 HR and 1,404 RBI, is significantly ahead of Maris' .260/.345/.476 - .822 OPS, 275 HR and 850 RBI.

    While the Silver Slugger Award, which Gonzalez won six times, did not exist during Maris' time, Maris would not have had a chance of winning more than two, in his two MVP seasons. Gonzalez put up elite-level stats in 10 of his 17 seasons, Maris in just 3 of his 12.

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    Roger Maris by default, since there was a Juan Gonzalez in MLB but not Jaun. 

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    I thibk roger is better than jaun. 

    Maris passed on of malignancy in 1985, his place in baseball history secure. Much the same as the reference mark that neglected to lessen his most striking achievement, the proceeding with haughtiness and obliviousness of Hall of Fame citizens just add to Maris' brilliance. 

    He broke the record baseball's official and press didn't need him to break, and the baseball foundation has never excused him. He didn't talk up columnists when he was baseball's greatest story, and the baseball journalists, who held the keys to Cooperstown, determinedly made him pay. 

    Angel Ruth was baseball's notorious figure, and baseball's powers that were needed his record of 60 homers in a season to stand everlastingly, or possibly to tumble to another notable figure. For a calm, great player to ascend to everlasting status in a solitary year didn't fit the biases of baseball's incredible — neither games authors, who were excessively married to banalities to perceive that a story for the ages was unfurling before them, nor the official, Ford Frick, who had secretly composed Ruth's memoir. Frick, who is associated with minimal more than the mark he set on Maris' record, was chosen for the Hall of Fame in 1970. He is not even close as acclaimed among baseball fans as Maris. 

    Maris has been dead 26 years, his record was broken 13 years prior, and still he stays one of the most acclaimed baseball players ever. He has a place in the Hall of Fame. He had a place there while he was alive and he positively has a place there when he stays more acclaimed than most Hall of Famers 50 years after he left his imprint. That he isn't there says unmistakably more about the Hall of Fame than it does about Maris. 

    I've just put forth the defense for Maris to be in the Hall of Fame. It's a simple case to make. We should analyze exactly how well known he is, contrasted with his companions. 

    I check 33 Hall of Famers (let me know whether I disregarded somebody) who were playing in 1961

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    Roger Maris held the single season home run record for 37 years. More people remember Maris. That being said, Gonzalez was the better hitter and had a longer career. Maris was a better fielder, though.

    Gonzalez WAR: 38.7

    Maris WAR: 38.3

    Maris played in 226 less games. Because of that, I'd say Maris.

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