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My father just passed away what do I do with his house?


He didn’t leave a will so who do I call to see if I can claim it?

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    Petition the Probate Court to be the Executor of your dad's estate. The pamphlet which describes the way heirs are determined can be found at the Probate Court. Without a will, there is protocols to follow, which vary from state to state.

    Howsoever, the first objective is for an executor to be appointed to take care of your father's current debts and monthly household expenses. Followed by the distribution of his assets. As the executor, you will need certified copies of his death certificate and Probate fiduciary documents in order to gain access to his bank account and any other financial accounts or to sell his car, etc...

    You will have to pay his mortgage if he has one. If there are no cash assets to do so, notify the mortgage lender that the estate is in Probate and let them know of your intentions. Cancel the cable, cell phone, car insurance  and internet to save money and be sure the house is heated to avoid frozen pipes if the house is in a cold climate. Remove valuables from the house immediately. .

    You are not entitled to "claim" his house unless you are an only child. Even then, you still must go through the probate process.

    It sounds intimidating, but it is not all that difficult. I took care of four deceased relative's estates...without a lawyer, but I did use an accountant for some final accounting paperwork.

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    His house and any other property must be dealt with by legal probate, even if there is no will. You can read about the basics on this page, but laws vary in different jurisdictions. :

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    You need to hire a lawyer. With no will, the court will have final say on the house. If there are no other direct family members and he has no outstanding debt, the house will get turned over to you. Otherwise, the court will order it to be sold, pay off his debts and then give you the balance.

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    Contact your family lawyer to see what you can do about it. Most likely the goverment will take it. That's why you should prepare such things while alive.

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