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What should I do?

I want a horse but my mom says that we’re moving and we can have a horse then but who knows how long that will take and I kn this is prob selfish but I’m tired of waiting lol and so i don’t kn what to do . 


It’s not so much that I want the horse now it’s that I guess maybe I’m scared of change and my family and friends are here so that’s why I want a horse now lol but what should I do and how do I get over the change

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    You're a HUGE step ahead of every other of the many, many kids who come here and tell us their parent won't let them get a horse and they're dying for one.

    They all envy you immensely.  You have the promise they all wish they had.

    You could look at "horse for sale" ads and decide what kind you want, and what kind of riding you want to do.  Don't set your heart on a specific horse, just browse what looks good.

    You could look up boarding stables in the new area, trying to see what was affordable and what the facilities are.

    I'd be reading every horse care book I could get my hands on.

    The move is going to happen no matter what.  You can't stop it.  Try not to dwell on the disadvantages of that - try to focus on the positives, like the horse.

    Moves are always hard.  I'm 67; my husband and I moved last December.  Between COVID and other issues, we've barely even seen our new neighbors, let alone made friends.  You get through it.  The time will come.

    Remember:  NO move, NO HORSE!

    Good Luck!  and Happy Horse!

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    Use the time to really study all the breeds and breeders to know what kind of horse to get and from who, and to research stable and equipment options, so when the time comes when you do get one, you can get the best horse and are ready and prepared to take care of it and be a good horse parent.

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    It's normal to feel anxious when there is a major change coming in your life, like a move to a new home or neighborhood. You'll be changing schools, too, and that's also stressful. But you need to focus on the good things, and not worry so much about what will happen.

    As for whether you'll actually get a horse after you move, that will depend to a large extent on your mom's or family's financial circumstances, as well as on the type of place you move to. If it's in a city somewhere, or in a subdivision, chances are good that you won't be able to keep a horse at home, due to building codes, neighborhood covenants, and land use restrictions. That may mean you'll have to board the horse somewhere, which can get expensive in a hurry. You are obviously not old enough yet to have a job that pays anything, so your folks will be the ones paying the bills- and that's something they may very well balk at doing.

    If you are really serious about horse ownership, I'd start by asking your mom if you can take riding lessons. You need to have those anyway, so that you can learn how to ride and care for a horse properly. There's more to horse ownership than just riding, as you will quickly find out. Riding is the fun part. It's what you get to do when everything goes just right and you have a happy, healthy horse. But most of horse ownership isn't happy, and it isn't fun. I'm not just talking about shoveling out stalls, either. Being a responsible owner means that you know what to do if a horse becomes ill or gets hurt, or if he or she is lame. It means you know how to feed a horse correctly, and what to avoid when doing so. It means that you work with professionals like a vet and farrier to see that your horse gets proper care at the proper time.

    Being a good owner means you're there for your horse whenever he or she needs care, no matter what the weather. It also means that you have the emotional strength and courage to say goodbye when it is necessary.

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    Realize you can't always get what you want.  Time to grow up.  

    Sweetheart, I'm guessing you are about 13 years old.  You need to understand that the world is in serious trouble right now with Covid and many other serious  problems.  Try to think of others instead of focusing on  yourself. You'll be happier.   Yes, changes are coming and I'm sorry that you may lose some friends when you move.  But a horse is not the answer.  Please read the New Testament.  Start with the Gospel of John.  There are answers to life's problems in the Bible.  I asked Jesus Christ to be my  Lord and Savior many years ago and He has helped me through many trials as well as given me assurance of a home in heaven.  I recommend Him to you.   He can give you peace, hope, and joy.  Pray about whatever concerns you.  Look up  Philippians 4:6-8.  I will pray for you too.  

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