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Is shooting soccer balls probability or choice.?

I see pros shoot balls during practice into trash cans far away, or hit a water bottle that’s up in the bleachers or shoot in a basketball hoop and i just want to know is that because years of practice they know the mechanics of their foot, the ball the speed and angle to make those impossible shots or is it just probability and they just happen to make it in? I’m just confused because how can you practice shooting a direct object when your body can never do the same thing twice? I hope I’m making sense, I’ve always wondered this. Also like how can I practice something where the situation is always going to be different? I practice shooting in one spot until I’m familiar with how to score a goal in that one spot and then I move to another place in the field and I miss those goals. So the pros that can shoot anywhere, is it because they know How to shoot in every part of the field and in every direction. I just don’t get it.

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    One can practice to control their body and learn to adjust to environmental differences (such as wind or wet grass.)  One does not practice to shoot in a certain spot so much as they practice to be able to control the ball the way they want.  They learn how hard to hit it, what angle to hit it, and where to aim.  That skill is transferrable to be able to do other shots as well.  

    The same is true in basketball.  Curry doesn't practice from every inch of the floor with every set of circumstance.  He does practice a lot and has trained his brain to quickly do an incredible amount of math calculate the right arc and distance.  Then the body needs to be trained to execute on those calculations.  No different in soccer.  

    Think about how you catch a ball.  Did you learn to catch every speed it was coming at you?  The same angle?  With the same lighting?   If someone tosses you a banana, your brain still can figure out how to catch that even though it's not round.  If someone tosses a knife, your brain will react differently as well.  You didn't practice all these type of objects coming at you.  Your brain is smart enough to figure it out based on past experience.  

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    Practice makes perfect.  The more you do it the better you’ll get.  Muscle memory, which is built up by experience is at play.  

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