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Can you give me an example of a video game reviewer that gave a good video game an unfair rating?

I think the game Days Gone got a bad review from IGN, only 6.5 out of 10, I would’ve given it an 8

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    I don't read those large groups.

    "BeatEmUps" is cool.

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    It's a while back, but the '80s game Labyrinth based on the movie. Zzap! C64 & Amiga gave it a mediocre review (50%), but today it's regarded as a classic computer game.

       The game was made by Douglas Adams and has his own student, semi-intellectual humour which probably isn't to everyone's taste.

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    Battle for Bikini Bottom Gamespot. Gamespot gave it a 2/10. However the one reviewing it is such a bad gamer. He complains about checkpoints and doesnt even use common sense. Even an 8 year old will solve the puzzle.

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    Eurogamer gave Kingdom Come: Deliverance a bad review, due to some stupidest reasons, which was the lack of "Person of Color" inside the game, and they also "attacked" its creator, which is Daniel Vavrà.

    The "lack of PoC" was stupid, since the game took place in a remote area of Bohemia/Czech Republic, which was FAR from any common trade routes at that time.

    Meanwhile, their "attacks" towards Daniel Vavrà was completely not needed, since it's completely unrelated with the game. But they decides to included anyway, since Eurogamer is a big supporter of feminists, like Sarkessian.

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  • that's such a subjective question , that it's ineviteable you will receive hugely subjective answers, take me as a quick example, i would slaughter games like   the other user suggested prob worse than the reviewer on the youtube link, but that's my opinion i know the majority of people would quickly scoff at some of the games i really like,  that's called subjective opinion,  for instance  something like mario gets lauded to the skies,  i would hammer it into the ground,   what's hell to some players is heaven to others and visa versa....

    and to make a point here's one of the most subjective of them all, but imho and subjective opinion, he's sometimes right.

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    Every once in a while I watch this gem for a laugh:

    Youtube thumbnail

    The comments are pretty funny.

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    mark zuckerberg, steve jobs, and bill gates

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    Everyone has their own opinion.  A game you like will likely be a game that I don't like.

    The "6" on IGN's "10" scale is "okay".  It's not bad, it's just not good, either.  It's meh.  Average.  Middle-of-the-scale.

    And remember, reviews from IGN isn't from "IGN".  IGN is a company, not a person.  People review the games.  If they assigned the game to someone else it could have had a differnet score since people have different opinions.  It could have been a 7 or could have been a 4.

    I don't review games since I can't play a game that I don't like.  If I'm playing a game that I don't like, I'm not putting time into it, even if it was a game that I received for review.  My review would be, "I don't like this, with reasons, and that I'm not picking it up again."

    I think more and more places should do away with numbered scoring for reviews.  I don't know what your 8 vs. someone else's 8 is. But if you say you liked it or loved it, that has more meaning.

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